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Payment methods

Currently we are able to offer a universal forms of payment via Paypal. You may pay by bank transfer, credit card or paypal following paypal direction. All purchases can be made either in Euros, dollars or UK pounds and we update daily the exact exchange rate.


Orders to the European Community

All orders shipped to the European Community will be charged 21% tax charges as stipulated in the European Union.

Internacional orders

We accept all orders worldwide. Wherever you are, we can reach you. When quoting the transportation prices for all orders we included our customs charges, however this does not cover customs charges in destination countries as each country is different.



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Access to information

You may at any time exercise your rights of verification, rectification and cancellation by requesting it in writing to the address:



Data Transfer to third parties

These will never be transferred to third parties except for the performance of any service that you have required (transport agency, manufacturer's technical service, etc. treat the information under any pretext except the realization of this.