Welcome to our ALEX ORIGINALS World!

We're a family business working since 1992 but we've finally decided to enter the world of the WWW!!!!!

For many years we have offered a huge selection and variety in our sector. Thankfully this slowly grows stronger and stronger.
This is due mainly to our service and constance. It's our company policy to never let you down! And we try very hard at not to do so.

So please feel free to look around, we have everything that you see in our page in stock, and if it's out of stock, we'll have it back soon.

The quality of our leather is one of the best, we really don't want to work with anything less and since we wouldn't wear something bad we don't expect you to.

Shortly we'll be extending our stock to more and more items. We'll let you know with our newsletters. Sign up and wait to be informed.

We're excited about our new adventure, and we hope you feel fulfilled by our enterprise.